Film Digitization

Super 8 / Normal 8 / 9,5 mm / 16mm / 35 mm

High resolution, high quality film scanning enables not only a long-term storage of valuable content from original analogue recorded film material but also ensures consistent quality over many years. After cleaning the material, the operator adjusts color, contrast and brightness during the scan process. This service is available in all formats from 8 to 35 millimeters. Depending on the condition of the starting material, the digital scanning is generally of better quality than the analog original. We can also add audio to video that has no sound.



VHS / V2000 / Betamax / Video 8 / High 8 / DV ...

Through accurately timed digitization, the loss or deterioration of old tape recordings is avoided. In context of post-production, pre-existing defects can be repaired or improved. Once the analogue recordings are available in digital form, a lossless processing regarding cutting, new scoring, etc. is possible. The output is displayed on any digital storage media.

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